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EHS Tools

Beside the Phrasetool, that is also used for convetring phrasetranslations from Excel into the EH&S importformat or converting exported phrases from the EH&S exportformat into Excel, rimpido is working on other tools:

Report Information System (Report Viewer) to select and display released WWI Reports.

The Report Viewer consists of 2 function modules that can be called via FRC (remote function call) or locally in a SAP system. For using the functionality, a frame program is needed with a selection screen and a display screen for the selected WWI Reports.
The result of the first function module is an internal table with released WWI reports analog to CG54.

Recording tool for supplier SDB’s / hazardous substances

The recording tool offers the possibility to record and check all of the essential data for a hazardous substance at the system based on the supplier-SDB. Also it allow to store the supplier-SDB in the document management system of the SAP-system, in one dialog / transaction step. Thereby, this important stage is significantly more easy and and faster. Also the complex working with the transactions CG02, CG50 and CG36VEN dispenses.

Flyer: Inbound Safty Data Sheet Recording Tool

DYN-WWI Tool for dynamic control and management of bulk generations

The bulk generation of WWI-reports is a challange, if you have big amounts of data. For one thing the WWI-server are competing with each other. Since at least, when a rawreport for a special SDB should be generatet fast, while a bulk generation ist processing, the standard is overstrained. For another the duration and the data volume of a bulk generation causes problems. So a offline data backup can abort a bulk generation. If this happens, normaly the only option is a restart. If the bulk generation of rawreports takes more than a week, this can be a big annoyance.

DYN-WWI, that we can gladly implement specifically for you, based on an existing prototype, breaks down a bulk generation into small packages. These can be processed in minutes, allocated and monitored dynamicly to vacant WWI-servers. This allows to continue bulk generation automaticly and accurate after a offline data backup, overflowed document management systems etc. Thereby, DYN-WWI allows to perform bulk generation efficient and without attendance. In that way the EHS-department can dedicate their day-to-day business. The process of the bulk generation can be controlled via a on-screen dialog.

DYN-Expert tool for dynamic controling and managing of SAP EH&S expert bulk runs

EH&S expert bulk runs have the same problems as WWI bulk generations. The process monitoring is in fact even more complicated, as error messages from the regulations that is running in BATCH in the standard is accessable only via the systemlog. That however cannot be used for generating a report.

The Dyn-Expert-Tool, that we created for you based on the experiance of an already implemented prototype, allows you to control the workload of your Expert-Server processes. It ensures to reliable process of bulk runs even during offline backup times and Expert Server downtimes. Furthermore it merges error messages from the expert regulation into a clearly represented and informative structure.

If you are interested, please contact us for example via Email at: info@rimpido.com.