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Phrase Catalog


The EHS product safety also includes the collection and management of the necessary data on substances and products for the production of for example: Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). The management of these multilingual texts done in the form of the so called phrases. Phrases are recorded in phrase libraries and grouped into phrases groups. A sound phrase catalog provides the basis for full and correct MSDS.

The default available phrase library EuPhraC contains the essential phrases. Individual extensions such as receiving and translating additional phrases may greatly increase the cost of your Safety Data Sheets.

The rimpido GmbH has created an opportunity to let you organize the standard phrase catalog in your own phrases. The phrases tool can help you to translate and organize phrases for SAP EHS. You can:

  • Create a transaltion for your phrases in any known language
  • Import catalog data in the SAP (.dat) format
  • Download your catalog in all or selected languages as SAP file
  • Buy a transaltion

Access to the Phrase Catalog

Do you have questions? Simply call us at: +49 (0) 4181 - 13 86 456.
You can find a first test installation under phrase-catalog.com.