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optimize your risk management with SAP EHS

We have extensive expierience in the introduction/impelmentation of SAP EHS modules and the migration to ECC 6 including the unicode conversion for:

  • SAP EHS Product Safety: hazardous substances management / safety data sheet creation
  • SAP EHS DG Dangerous Goods: hazardous moods management / shipping documents
  • SAP EHS GLM Global Label Management: print of (hazardous materials / dangerous goods) labels
  • SAP EHS HSM Hazardous Substance Management: management of hazardous substances
  • SAP OH Occupational health: Labour medicine
  • SAP SPRC/SRC Product and REACH compliance: adaptation to product and REACH requirements

In this way you will be supported by the EHS implementation:

  • Consulting in advance and during the (first) installation of SAP EHS system
  • Development of customized solutions for the integration of EHS and logistics applications
  • Support of the existing system with individual adjustments or performing updates