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Dr. Jan Schuur, Chemist and founder of rimpido

Bild von Dr. Jan H. Schuur

Dr. Jan Schuur is managing partner of rimpido GmbH. Since 1993 he is engaged in the use of databases in chemistry. Since 1998 he works in the area of Chemical Compliance mainly in the chemical, pharmaceutical and automotive industry.

His focus is the introduction, maintenance and caretaking of various installations of SAP EHSM module (Environment, Health and Saftey Management) of SAP AG. Components of the SAP module are e.g. Product safety, Industrial hygiene and safety, Dangerous good and Occupational health together with the SAP Product and REACH Compliance.

Dr. Schuur has many years of international experience in the installation and maintenance of SAP EHS modules.

In the first year of the rimpido GmbH Dr. Schuur, together with his employees, was able to take over the maintenance of 5 EH&S installations. In parallel a considerable amount of project work was performed such as the support of a Hamburger pharmaceutical company for the introduction of SAP EHSM product safety in conjunction with SAP EHS Regulatory Content and EH&S Expert sets of rules.

In addition, Dr. Schuur is co-author of the recently published book "SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management - The Definitive Guide" by Stephan Eisenacher, Klaus Kammerer, Andreas Riepe and Jan Schuur published by SAP Press.