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EHS Training opportunities

We offer trainings on inquiry to all areas of SAP EH&S.
These are:

  • Product safety– SAP EH&S PS
  • Hazardous substances management – SAP EH&S -HSM
  • Occupational protection / occupational safety – SAP EH&S IHS
  • Hazardous material - SAP EH&S DG
  • Occupational medicine – SAP EH&S OH

Additional we offer trainigs for special subjects like WWI.
This are the complete trainings that we can offer you:

Next training SAP EH&S Dangerous Goods in Davao City, Philippines. For details CLICK HERE!

  • Starting in EH&S
  • Data management at the specification database
  • Productsafety
  • Hazardous material and WWI

As example for our training material, here you can find our presentation for the Training “EH&S und die Datenpflege in der Spezifikationsdatenbank“.