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Conforming to REACH and TSCA through the Aid of Substance Volume Tracking (SVT) of SAP EH&S

Substance Volume Tracking is the SAP EH&S Standard tool for tracking the volumes of substances in a specific market. The major purpose of an implementation of Substance Volume Tracking in SAP is to aid Chemical Production and Shipping Companies to conform to appropriate and standardized regulations in terms of recording quantities of substances that needs to be tracked after purchasing, importing, producing, selling and exporting. This system not only tracks the amount of the imported, produced or exported chemicals - the recorded quantities can be automatically checked against specific limit values and prompts then user with a possible error of exceeding values. This means that a user is ensured that it stays to allowed quantity limitations.

REACH and TSCA are two typical regulations for chemicals, that implement standard volume notification requirements and therefore legal import, export and production limits. With the aid of SVT system, the handling of these limits that are frequently encountered by various companies are now efficient and effective. SVT is an error sensitive and well-organized system.

rimpido GmbH SAP EHSM consultants specializes in adhering to legal requirements regarding environmental protection and occupational health and safety in order to comply with the challenges of hazardous materials and dangerous goods management, the management of (hazardous) wastes and the requirements of product safety.

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