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Inbound Safety Data Sheet Recording Tool

The recording tool offers the possibility to record and check all essential data of a hazardous substance in one dialog step within SAP EHS. The supplier-SDB is stored as an Inbound-SDB in the document management system of the SAP-system. The relevant hazardous substance information is checked and stored in the specification database. Using the recording tool will be significantly easier and faster and offering more funcionality then working with the transactions CG02, CG50 and CG36VEN.

SAP EHS Inbound SDB Recording Tool



The recording tool provides the following applications:

  • Creating a completely new specification
  • Search and data maintenance of a existing specification
  • Search using the material number or SUBID
  • Transmitting information from one specification to another one
  • Assinging of new materials
  • Upload and storing of Inbound-SDB


  • All necessary functions in one single dialog step
  • No time consuming search of the right properties in the CG02
  • No switching between the different transactions
  • Significantly accelerated and simplified Hazardous Substance data maintenance
  • Checking mechanisms for the completeness of the data


Create any system known specification type.


Maintain the identifiers such as CAS number or product name.


Maintain all relevant hazardous material data at a glance.


Easily upload a inbound safety data sheet to the system.


Additionally maintain directly the transport classification by mapping the right UN number.


The standard version of the recording tool already includes a variety of different properties for recording and maintaining hazardous substances.
It is possible to extend this range of properties or implement even more transport regulations on request.
We will fit the functionality of the recording tool to your requirements.

If you are interested, please contact us for example via Email at: info@rimpido.com.