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The rimpido GmbH relies on a number of qualified experts in the EH&S environment. So we can comprehensively advise you throughout EH&S environment and assist you in the implementation.

Dr. Jan H. Schuur

Bild von Dr. Jan H. Schuur

Dr. Schuur holds a PhD degree in chemistry and is the managing partner of rimpido GmbH. Since 1993 he dealt with the use of databases in chemistry and since 1998 with the Chemical (Regulatory) Compliance in the checmical/pharmaceutical industry and beyond.

Klaus Reinhardt

Image from Klaus Reinhardt

Klaus Reinhardt is a leading expert on SAP EHS Dangerous Goods Management. Since 1999 he did countless successful Dangerous Goods projects worldwide. He offers system know-how, process know-how, plus profound regulatory knowledge.

Dr. Rer. Nat. Huafang Jin

Image from Dr. Huafang Jin

Dr. Huafang Jin holds a PhD in Environmental Chemistry and has been working for rimpido GmbH since 2012 on a part time basis. She was involved in the development of the Recording tool for supplier SDB’s, accompanied the systematic acquisition of EHS data and carried out the Chinese translation of the phrase catalogs. She has also successfully taken part in several EHS projects. She took on the tasks in the area of product safety and data maintenance, setting up customizing, developing label layouts and designs, adapting safety data sheets, implementing SAP EHS ERC upgrades, as well as implementing SAP standard dangerous goods management and configuration customer-specific dangerous goods management solutions .

Dr. Markus van Alten

Image from Dr. Markus Van Alten

Dr. Markus van Alten holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Georg-August University of Göttingen, Germany.

Dr. Tina Hitz

Image from Dr. TIna Hitz

Dr. Hitz holds a PhD in Agricultural Science from the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart and has been working for rimpido GmbH since the beginning of 2021. During her studies in Denmark and Germany and her PhD in 3D modeling of plant growth she gained experience in chemical, regulatory and technical areas. She is involved in a S/4 HANA project and has successfully conducted trainings in occupational health and accident management.